Common description

Bezengi - is the amazing beauty and grandeur of the Northern Caucasus region, where majestic snow-white peaks reach for the sky through the azure of glaciers.

There are six of the eight vertices, except for Elbrus and Kazbek, with an altitude above five thousand feet. Russian climbers call this region "Small Himalayas" for its severe peaks and eternal glaciers that extends from high mountain valleys.

The climbing camp «Bezengi» is located at the intersection of two gorges that lead to the North Massif and to the famous Bezengi Wall - the highest part of the Main Caucasus Range.

Northern Massif is a huge 15-kilometer horseshoe of the nine major peaks. From east to west are extended: Koshtantau (5151 m) — Tikhonov's peak (4670 m) — Krumkol (4676 m) — Eastern Mijirghi (4927 m) — Western Mijirghi (5025 m) — Borovikov's peak (4888 m) — Pushkin's peak (5100 m) — Eastern Dykh-tau (5180 m) — Main Dykh-tau (5204 m). Near the North Massif are available following base camps: Base camp "3900", "Warm Corner" and the peak of Brno.

Bezengi Wall has length about of 12 km and includes the following peaks: Main Shkhara (5068 m) — Western Shkhara (5057 m) — the peak of Shota Rustaveli (4960 m) — Main Jangi-Tau (5085 m) — Katyn-tau (4974 m) — Gestola (4860m) — Lyalver (4350 m) — the peak of "4310". From the northern slopes of the highest part of the Main Caucasian Ridge extends the famous Bezengi glacier with length of 9 km and a height in some parts near 426 meters. At front of Bezengi Wall are situated the following base camps: Misses-Kosh, Baran-Kosh and Jangi-Kosh.

Climbing camp «Bezengi» is located inside of the territory of Kabardino-Balkaria State mountainous nature reserve far away from the bustle of civilization. Today Bezengi camp is a teaching and sport facilities for climbers and comfortable resort, characterized by kindness and true caucasian hospitality.